best diaper bags - mom with child diaper bagBeing a parent is not an easy task. It involves patience, understanding and full attention to details. These are necessities in order to provide a good life for one’s children. These include buying the prescribed milk and even choosing the best diaper bags. Fortunately, it is easy to know the prescribed milk or the perfect diaper through the help of doctors. Choosing diaper bags on the other hand may seem simple and is most of the time taken for granted by parents. But eventually, when parents are already hands on in changing pads and using diaper bags, they will see how significant it is to make sure that a product is worth the buy before purchasing it.

Using ordinary back packs, sling bags, and hand bags when carrying the baby’s belongings is not advisable because these bags are not designed for such use. This is why it is sensible to buy the right diaper bag that suits your needs and preferences. Do not forget to consider these following matters before purchasing a diaper bag.

Best Diaper Bags Criteria 1: Styles

There are mainly four styles of Diaper Bags.

Backpack Diaper Bag – The most essential advantage is its handiness. It is designed with dual straps so that parents can carry their babies and their diaper bag backpacks at the same time without hassles.

Daddy Diaper Bags – Daddy diaper bags are those with dark colors and masculine styles. This means that certain designs and appearances are intended for daddies’ uses.

Messenger Diaper Bags – Designed for busy working moms, these messenger diaper bags are based on the typical messenger bags that are used by couriers. They have fold-over flap and some button-down pockets.

Stroller Diaper Bag – These bags have long carrying straps that can be dangled over a stroller. Most of these bags are designed with two front pockets and two end pockets as well.

Best Diaper Bags - Backpack Diaper Bag

Backpack Diaper Bag

Best Diaper Bags - Daddy Diaper Bags

Daddy Diaper Bags

Best Diaper Bags - Messenger Diaper Bags

Messenger Diaper Bags

Best Diaper Bags - Stroller Diaper Bag

Stroller Diaper Bag

Best Diaper Bags Criteria 2: Materials

Another important matter to consider are the materials on which the diaper bags are made of because it contributes to the level of comfort and handiness it brings. Diaper bags are prone to spilling of milk and other liquids. So it is sensible to choose bags like vinyl diaper bags and leather diaper bags because they are easy to clean and wipe.

Where to Purchase the Best Diaper Bags?

There are many stores wherein you can buy a diaper bag. But the most convenient way is shopping online. This does not only spare you from going around town to look for a bag but it also gives you a wide range of choices. Few of the most popular diaper bags that one can find online are: OiOi, Carters, Jujube, Timi & Leslie, Baby Mel, StorSak, The Bumble Collection, Diaper Dude and Layla Grace.

The prices of durable and cool diaper bags differ from sizes and the style they have. Thus it is advisable that before buying a product, know its cons and pros through reading its features and reviews online. Because of this, choosing and purchasing the best diaper bags online is not only convenient but also practical in many ways.


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Say goodbye to bulky bags and welcome the fashionable and versatile Petunia Pickle bottom diaper bags. These diaper bags were designed in various colors, styles and functions to satisfy every mother’s need. From a company that not only offer diaper bags but also other supplies like beddings, iphone covers, carriers, and baby totes (diaper bag totes, diaper touring totes and diaper travel totes), it is assured that the products are of great quality.

With these products, bringing along your children’s feeding bottles, diapers, and even extra blankets will be easy. With the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags, traveling and going out will surely be enjoyable and convenient. Mothers would not need to carry a lot of bags for different necessities she needs for herself and the baby any more.

Overall rating:

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

These trendy diaper bags are available on various types like touring tote, cross town clutch, shoulder, boxy backpacks, and many more. Used with refined fabric, most of the bags are made with water resistant covers. Some are made with messenger style straps that are designed to bring comfort and convenience to the users. And most of their baby diaper bags have two interior pockets, three to six pockets on the outer part of the bags, and four bottle pockets making them even more suitable and handy.

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Touring Tote

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Touring Tote

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags - Cross Town Clutch

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Cross Town Clutch

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags - Shoulder

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Shoulder

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags - Boxy Backpack

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Boxy Backpack

The Goods about Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags

  • Multiple Functionalities – The Petunia Pickle bottom diaper bags are recognized because of the many functions they have. Most bags have pockets for women’s personal things, key clips, and separate compartments for different baby items.
  • STYLE – The Petunia bags are known to have various styles that trendy moms will surely have their eyes on.

The Bads about Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags

  • Inner part not washable – The inner part of the bag is not washable. Spills usually happen in the inside thus somehow defeating the purpose of it being “washable”.
  • Price – Because of the materials and the functionality the bags possess, the price is a bit high and others see it as impractical to buy such expensive bag.
  • Velcro – The Velcro used in the cover can pull and somehow ruin your shirt when you open and stand in front of the bag.

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Choosing the best diaper bags that suits your wants and needs may seem like a simple thing. However when you are already in the situation wherein you need to carry your baby, bring a lot of baby things and your personal things altogether, choosing the most practical and convenient bag becomes a big deal.

There are many brands in the market today and this includes brands like Storksak, OiOi, Timi & Leslie, JJ Cole, Mia Bossi, and Dadgear. With all these names that produce diaper bags, it is safe to say that choosing the Petunia Pickle bottom diaper bags series is a good choice. Though it may not be the best when compared to all expensive and cheap diaper bags, it still has all the expected features and also some extras that a mother would want from a diaper bag.

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OiOi Baby Dot Messenger Diaper Bag is one of the best sellers in OiOi’s collection.

Click here to view more details.

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Bringing up the Style with Oioi diaper bags

Best Diaper Bags Reviews - Oioi Diaper Bags

Oioi Diaper Bags

There are a lot of brands that produce diaper bags. One of the most talked about is the OiOi diaper bags. These baby bags are known to have the finest and most elegant designs in shops nowadays. Various colors from light colored totes to dark colored ones with masculine style are available. OiOi has also designed diaper bags for fathers that are especially made for hands-on dads. Oioi also have various types like messenger diaper bags, tote diaper bags, backpacks and stroller diaper bags. Indeed, even fathers will enjoy carrying along some diaper bags for their sons and daughters.

Furthermore, these OiOi diaper bags are designed and made with high quality materials and durability that allow the products to stay in good shape for a long period of time. Unlike those cheap and simple diaper bags, the Oioi baby bags are considered as luxury diaper bags because of their prices and quality. It is also undeniable that OiOi baby bags have efficient functional styles that most parents would look for in a bag.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

These OiOi baby bags comes with numerous styles. Few of the most elegant and highly purchased are the following: OiOi Baby Giraffe Tote, OiOi red studded leatherette tote, and the Baby Dot Messenger Diaper Bag. Most of their bags have the following:

  • fixed straps for strollers
  • external pocket with magnetic snap lid
  • water resistant nylon lining
  • cotton-manufactured sturdy handles
  • insulated bottle holders.
Oioi Diaper Bags - Giraffe Tote

Baby Giraffe Tote

Oioi Diaper Bags - Oioi Baby Leatherette Tote

Oioi Baby Leatherette Tote


Oioi Baby Dot Messenger Diaper Bag

These bags are available online at Amazon and you can to see great products of OiOi. There are also discounts and more customer reviews that can provide more reference information.


  • Quick access to interior – Most OiOi baby bags has magnetic snaps making it easy to access the interior of the bag.
  • Style and Durability – The durability and the style of these OiOi diaper bags are unquestionable. They are the main reasons why these products are worth the buy.


  • Straps are not adjustable – Some Oioi bags have straps that are not adjustable making it inconvenient for those who want shorter or longer straps.
  • Price – Because these bags are considered as luxury diaper bags, they are undeniably expensive.

If one is looking for high quality, stylish and durable bags, these Oioi diaper bags are surely the right choice. It is typical not to think about how expensive a product is when searching for the essential things. What highly matters is the quality that the products have. This is why moms do not linger on how high the prices of the diaper bags are, but they focus on the excellence and comfort the bags bring.

Indeed, these OiOi diaper bags are one of the best bags in the market today. Although they are in high prices, there may be discounts that can help you save a few dollars. You can try your luck and browse the Amazon store here.

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Jujube Diaper Bags - Best Diaper Bags Reviews

Jujube Diaper Bags

Being a mother and a hot chic at the same time is possible with the Jujube diaper bags. This is because these bags are designed with hundreds of styles and color combinations that will surely bring up one’s own fashion. Large and spacious, these Jujube bags are famous among mothers because they are capable of accommodating numerous diapers and other baby stuff. Unlike other diaper bags that are only limited to shoulder bags and backpack bags, Jujube diaper bags also come in various types that even teen mothers will surely like.

Not only that, there are also Ju-Ju-Be Diaper bags that are designed for men. Fathers will not be ashamed of carrying baby bags anymore, for the company has bags with masculine style and on dark colors. Even daddies will be proud of bringing along trendy diaper bags.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Jujube Diaper Bags Designs

Ju-ju-be diaper bags are designed in various styles like Mini Be, Be Spicy, Be smart, Be All Diaper Totes, Be Changed, Be Prepared diaper bags, Packabe, Wannabe, BeTween, BFF and many more. Other designs are JuJuBe PACIPOD in Black/Silver, JuJuBe PACIPOD in Brown/Champagne, and JuJuBe-BE-QUICK-in-Sangria-Sunset. They are also sold in various styles and colors like perky perennials, lush paisley, black silver, sporty stripes and sienna swirl.

Jujube Diaper Bags - Be Spicy

Be Spicy

Jujube Diaper Bags - Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Jujube Diaper Bags - Packabe


Jujube Diaper Bag - BFF


Most of these bags are equipped with removable changing pads, waterproof covers for spills and messes and smart interior pockets. They have interior materials that were treated with anti-bacterial for protection and bottle pockets that are insulated to conserve warmth. Furthermore, these bags are also designed to have no Velcro fasteners which most mothers hate. Furthermore, these fashionable Jujube baby bags have several external pockets for moms’ personal belongings. Indeed, Ju-Ju-Be has not failed in creating attractive and convenient diaper bags.

>>Check out the Ju Ju Be collection on Amazon<<

Pros and Cons for Jujube Diaper Bags


Comes in different Sizes – These Jujube diaper bags come in various sizes that suits your every need.

Styling and Trendy for both Parents – Unlike other diaper bags, Jujube tote bags are also for daddies.

Easy Clean up and Anti-microbial – The external part of the Jujube diaper bags is made with Teflon treated fabrics and the interior is treated with AgIon for protection from bacteria and germs.


Price – Jujube bags are not only made out of good materials and design but they are actually one of the famous brands that produce high quality diaper bags. This is why their prices are a bit high compared to economically friendly diaper bags that are available online.

Compared to monogrammed diaper bags, these Jujube diaper bags are also worth the buy. It’s because even though it is a bit expensive, one can see that everything parents are looking for in a bag are found in them. Few of these qualities are convenience, materials, sizes and style.

Never hesitate to purchase high quality diaper bags. It is so much better to buy expensive and worth buying diaper bags than to purchase cheap but low quality ones. With these Jujube diaper bags, mothers will surely enjoy every single minute they bring their babies outside home.

>>Check out the Ju-Ju-Be collection on Amazon<<

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Carters Diaper Bags - Best Diaper Bags Reviews

Carters Diaper Bags

Simple and stylish are two different words. But with the Carters diaper bags, these words will surely pertain to the same thing. The Carters are known for their cute baby bags in which mothers like because they are economical and attractive at the same time. Simple as they are, these bags have enough and not too much pockets, sufficient space for diapers, milk bottles and baby bibs. These Carters baby bags have various styles and designs that are cool and unique. They are great finds for those mothers who are not planning to bring along excessive bulky things.

These bags are made to have less weight for the convenience of people carrying them. Mothers should not worry anymore because carrying a baby and a carter diaper bag will not be a hassle. It will not only help you make things more accessible and easy, but it will give you the same pride when carrying normal women’s shoulder bags and the likes. This is because of the trendy styles these Carters diaper bags have.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Carter’s diaper bags are in various designs like Carters Faux Suede Embroider Tote, Carter’s multi-pocket twill diaper bag, Carters mini diaper bag, Carter’s Suede Mini diaper bag, and Carter’s everyday tote. Most of their bag products are hand bags, only few are backpacks and sling bags. Moreover, Carters also have other products like baby clothes, accessories, baby sleepwear and play clothes. These clothes and accessories are adorable, comfortable, easy to handle and affordable.  These Carter bags are definitely affordable and durable. When compared to the Jujube diaper bags, these Carter bags are two to three times cheaper. Indeed, these are good finds for those moms who are searching for cheap yet trendy diaper bags.

Best Diaper Bags - Carters Diaper Bags - Carters Faux Suede Embrioder Tote (grey)

Carter's Faux Suede Embrioder Tote

Best Diaper Bags  - Carters Diaper Bags - Geo Print Laguna Twill

Carter's Geo Print Laguna Twill

Best Diaper Bags - Carter's Diaper Bags - Mini

Carter's Mini Diaper Bag (brown)

Best Diaper Bags - Carters Diaper Bags - Everyday Tote (pink)

Carter's Everyday Tote Diaper Bag (pink)

Carters Diaper Bags: The Pros and Cons

The Goods:

  • Price – When compared to other brands, these Carter diaper bags are absolutely cheaper.
  • Small in Size – For those moms who do not want bulky diaper bags, there are Carter baby bags that are just right in size.

The Bads

  • Less Pockets – Most moms need more pockets for their personal belongings. Almost all Carter baby totes only have 1 to 2 external pockets.

Other branded diaper bags cost about two to three times more expensive than the Carter diaper bags. This is because these Carter diaper bags were focused mostly on simplicity and durability. Although they have styles and designs that are attractive, Carters has not added too much extra features just like what the Jujube diaper bags have. This brand is okay because there are moms who are not fond of extra features that actually cause the products to have a higher price. Moreover, it is still safe to check and read online reviews about the bags so to know if they are worth the purchase.

>>More selection and reviews of Carters Diaper Bags here.

When looking for economical and durable baby bags, do not hesitate in considering Carters diaper bags as one of your choices. For those who are not very much meticulous on the bags’ details and extra features, these bags are indeed the right ones for you.

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